Videos for Hoopheads: April 30, 2012

This is the first installment of “Videos for Hoopheads,” my weekly post that will release every Monday containing five videos I recommend serious basketball fans watch, plus a brief synopsis. Let’s wait no longer.

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For basketball fans supreme: Have any of you heard of Findlay Prep? Oak Hill Academy? Most have probably heard of Oak Hill, but only those that seriously keep up with all levels of basketball know about Findlay. I’m a hoophead, so that’s what I like to do, think about, watch, and research. As many know, Oak Hill is a basketball powerhouse and factory, based out of rural Virginia, that brings in top players from around the country to develop within their system, play a national schedule, and dominate the high school ranks. An auto dealer with the last name Findlay decided he wanted to bring a similar program to his hometown of Las Vegas. He funded and Nike sponsored a program called Findlay Prep which is actually not a school, but a basketball program that has been cleared to play by national authorities and alligned themselves with the Henderson International School. I’ve been following this web-series for a couple years now and it’s been very interesting to see the work that goes into building and maintaining a national powerhouse made up of a collection of teenagers. My man Donnie Seals does a phenomenal job behind the camera and in the editing room. Check it out, and I’ll more than likely be posting his future videos in the future. For older episodes, check out his YouTube account, and for future episodes follow his twitter account. @findlayseason.

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